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Port of Horten


Port of Horten is a modern harbour, strategic located close to the most important and dense populated regions of the Norwegian market.

The approach is open and easy. No ice problems.


Northside: 170 lm kai. Draft 9 m

Southside: 137 lm kai. Draft 8 m

Eastside: 93 lm kai. Draft 6 m


Dypvannskaia: 20 tons shorecrane

Inner port: 40 + 60 tons shorecrane

Mobile cranes: Up to 200 tons

AS VIKING are located at Dypvannskaia benefitting from an excellent infrastructure regarding road, rail and sea transportation.

The terminal includes 3500 sq. m. indoor and 8500 sq. m. outdoor storage.

We offer fork-lift trucks from 2,5 tons to 33 tons.